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01/05/2003: Selling tech to execs
01/05/2003: Is integrated marketing working?
01/05/2003: Car makers add horsepower to online advertising
01/05/2003: Spam: 1 in every 12 messages
01/05/2003: Web classifieds: Hurting, helping newspapers
01/05/2003: Sunnier days ahead
01/02/2003: Avenue A unit updates online media planning tool
01/02/2003: Light at the end of the tunnel?
01/02/2003: AOL's problems mask industry strides
01/02/2003: Amazonian arachnophobia
01/02/2003: Email tech players pitching sophistication
01/02/2003: DoubleClick debuts new campaign management tool
01/02/2003: Internet lures entertainment marketers
01/01/2003: Is email personalization for you?
01/01/2003: Rich media ad use on the rise
01/01/2003: Sprinkle content with text ads, and stir
01/01/2003: Web develops its own 'Big 4'
01/01/2003: ABCi unit integrated into offline parent
01/01/2003: Overture lands CNN sites
01/01/2003: MSN embraces Unicast
01/01/2003: Bonzi slapped with deceptive ad complaint
12/29/2002: What the holidays mean to the heavies
12/29/2002: NYTD gives interstitials another run
12/29/2002: Avenue A buys web shop
12/29/2002: Cashing in on net coupons
12/29/2002: Search engine marketing continues growth streak
12/29/2002: Online ads set to rebound next year
12/29/2002: Advertisers treat holiday campaigns delicately
12/29/2002: Impact an offline brand, online
12/29/2002: Overture keeps Freeserve contract off the market
12/29/2002: Tuning in and logging on
12/29/2002: Reaching the Net Generation
12/28/2002: Tracking moves offline
12/28/2002: Verizon, New Line team on Lord of the Rings promotion
12/28/2002: Permission-based email response rates build in Q3
12/28/2002: Endorsement deals to demand celebrity input
12/28/2002: Simultaneous media use poses new challenges
12/28/2002: TiVo fears begin to affect market
12/24/2002: SBI to buy Razorfish
12/24/2002: ValueClick, DoubleClick part ways
12/24/2002: USAI moves coupon promotions online
12/24/2002: US ad spending update
12/23/2002: Online travel ads surge
12/23/2002: Salon expands on interstitial model
12/23/2002: Avoiding online reach overlap
12/23/2002: Parents increase net usage
12/23/2002: Micropayment metering mechanisms
12/23/2002: Making the case for MMS
12/23/2002: AOL lands more USAI talent
12/23/2002: Dayparting, promotions touted at @d:Tech
12/06/2002: Popups making their way onto the idiot box
12/06/2002: Gator season continues
12/06/2002: Yahoo! Japan to work with search rivals
12/06/2002: What's wrong with this picture?
12/06/2002: Coremetrics brings analytics tool to the table
12/05/2002: Coke lauds SMS campaign a success
12/05/2002: iVillage tries search, announces losses
12/05/2002: US online ad spending to build
12/05/2002: Advergaming reaches level two
12/05/2002: MyWay or the highway?
12/03/2002: Why doesn't everyone measure net efforts?
12/03/2002: Anti-establishment music reborn in ads?
12/03/2002: Pay-for-performance: Online advertising's penicillin?
12/03/2002: BlueStreak takes wraps off new Ion server
11/19/2002: Online publishers boast ad gains
11/19/2002: Search engine marketing boosts B2B
11/19/2002: Television: Are PVRs really the enemy?
11/19/2002: Accipiter dis-engaged
11/18/2002: Clutter kills online ads
11/18/2002: New Outlook a barrier to email marketers?
11/14/2002: Classifieds to advance online ad spending
11/14/2002: End of the privacy wars?
11/14/2002: Building brand momentum
11/14/2002: Online ad improvement expected in 2003
11/13/2002: Perfecting paid search engine listings
11/13/2002: Coke declares mobile campaign a success
11/13/2002: New cross-media tool released
11/13/2002: Three biggest ad headaches
11/13/2002: CoolSavings launches ad network
11/13/2002: Email marketing pushing consumers to purchase?
11/12/2002: Changes at 24/7
11/12/2002: Immersed in advertising
11/12/2002: FTC settles with spammers
11/12/2002: What media buyers want
11/12/2002: Loyal visitors ready to accept ads
11/12/2002: Unlocking cross-media advertising
11/12/2002: Venturing beyond the banner
11/12/2002: Opt-what? Defining permission marketing
11/12/2002: Online ad recovery tipped to begin next year
10/23/2002: Web ad spending continues to decline
10/23/2002: DMA: Mailers turning to net
10/23/2002: BMW Films hopes to re-ignite interest
10/23/2002: Interactive plays for bigger slice of media pie
10/23/2002: AOL aims for agency favor
10/20/2002: 'No Ad Network' brings micropayments to life
10/18/2002: Increasing efficiency in the PPCSE space
10/18/2002: NYTD continues to gain ground
10/17/2002: Want more targeting?
10/17/2002: Going broad you can afford
10/17/2002: Email practices affect brand loyalty
10/17/2002: Diminishing dazzle forces rethink
10/17/2002: Quality or quantity? The debate continues...
10/17/2002: Barriers to streaming media consumption
10/17/2002: AAAA to continue push for XML-based ad standards
10/12/2002: Open Advertiser unleashed Stateside
10/12/2002: Diet firm strikes back at predatory advertisers
10/12/2002: SMS ad server debuted
10/12/2002: WorldCom backs out of AOL TW deal
10/10/2002: Terra Lycos snaps up GetRelevant
10/10/2002: comScore to measure Hispanic audiences
10/05/2002: Keyword banners: Now and then
10/05/2002: Newspaper sites losing potential ad dollars
10/05/2002: Gator watches as lawsuits continue to pop up
10/05/2002: Guide to SMS marketing
10/05/2002: e-Marketing to over fifties
10/05/2002: ClickZ prepares media buyer's guide to search marketing
10/05/2002: Californian spam law claims its first victim
10/04/2002: MaxWorldwide receives critical buyout offer
10/04/2002: Overture cuddles up to Microsoft
10/04/2002: Madison Avenue hijacking your brain
10/04/2002: Drug companies to reconsider value of interactive
09/28/2002: Customized home pages draw dollars
09/28/2002: Advertisers boost spending on marketing tech
09/28/2002: Harmonic debuts optimization tool
09/28/2002: FindWhat brings private-labeling to PPC space
09/28/2002: MSN gets rich
09/28/2002: DoubleClick says email list quality declining
09/28/2002: Unicast to nix all but 'standard' units
09/27/2002: 24/7 Real Media grabs cross-platform marketer
09/27/2002: Mobile marketing poised for takeoff?
09/27/2002: AOL, RealNetworks team on streaming media
09/19/2002: MindArrow's IP triumph
09/18/2002: Multi-sensory brand management
09/18/2002: Big brands got game online
09/18/2002: Yahoo! vies for agencies' favor
09/14/2002: Security woes hit e-mail management company
09/14/2002: Coremetrics to offer profitability reporting
09/14/2002: Workday net use increases
09/12/2002: Websites go dark for September 11th
09/12/2002: Forbes' offer - Is it for real?
09/12/2002: Web chief in reaching business execs
09/12/2002: Engage dodges debt, re-shuffles upper ranks
09/12/2002: Priceline Asia turns to SMS
09/12/2002: Using IM for marketing
09/12/2002: Online ad woes weigh down AOL earnings
09/12/2002: Advertising and attitudes towards the internet
09/08/2002: Pop go the web ads
09/08/2002: Managing ad frequency online
09/08/2002: Groups rally to can spam
09/07/2002: Consumers object to ad-heavy sites
09/07/2002: WebSideStory enhances HitBox Pro
09/07/2002: B2B email campaigns get clicks
08/31/2002: Branding across channels
08/31/2002: Regulator fines firm for SMS abuse
08/31/2002: Controlling your search engine results
08/31/2002: Overture, InfoSpace to maintain ties
08/30/2002: SMR sees silver lining
08/30/2002: Online media seen as easier to measure
08/30/2002: DoubleClick settles with states on profiling
08/30/2002: DoubleClick takes wraps off ListDriver
08/28/2002: Spam filter to adopt 'Trusted Sender' tech
08/28/2002: Users search web for ads
08/24/2002: Warner Bros unleashes new Potter efforts
08/24/2002: Online advertising beyond the U.S.
08/24/2002: X10: One year later
08/24/2002: SMS advertising to get political
08/22/2002: eUniverse to launch network sales unit
08/22/2002: MaxWorldwide delisted
08/22/2002: Reuters, Multex in joint ad deal
08/22/2002: EarthLink to block popups for all users
08/21/2002: Looking at Yahoo's new deal
08/21/2002: Equifax buys Naviant
08/21/2002: Is peace possible in popup battle?
08/21/2002: DoubleClick to track reach, frequency
08/21/2002: Teens possess purchasing power
08/21/2002: MSN to go wireless
08/21/2002: Bigfoot snuggles up to Japanese giant
08/21/2002: Net not sharing ad gains
08/21/2002: Global Network seeks patent revenues
08/20/2002: Inside EyeWonder
08/20/2002: Vivendi coup for 24/7 Real Media
08/20/2002: Nielsen to track TiVo use
08/20/2002: UK accepts SMS ads
08/19/2002: Listing rules compared: Overture and Google
08/19/2002: Spyware, popups, TiVo and spam
08/19/2002: Car companies pitch wares thru rich-media
08/19/2002: Ohio Governor continues anti-spam movement
08/19/2002: Lyris Acquires SparkLIST
08/19/2002: Wink, Experian in groundbreaking iTV data deal
08/18/2002: Diversification of revenue streams works for some
08/18/2002: Ready for SMS marketing?
08/18/2002: UCE lands Sprint in trouble
08/18/2002: TechTarget aims for ad bullseye
08/18/2002: AOL to search for rich-media ad dollars
08/18/2002: Evaluating email
08/18/2002: Spam problem, but what is it?
08/18/2002: iVillage pulls support of popups
08/18/2002: Unicast expands product line
08/18/2002: Overture, Looksmart continue to grow
08/17/2002: Making popup ads work
08/17/2002: Confessions of an e-newsletter publisher
08/17/2002: Studies tout online audiences
08/17/2002: Creativity expands before advertiser interest
08/17/2002: Evaluating search engine options
08/17/2002: eDiets books biggest ever online ad buy
08/17/2002: Don't complain about ads - use them creatively
08/17/2002: Marketers to boost spending on email
08/17/2002: Let's get anaytical
08/17/2002: Sites missing out on B2B dollars
08/17/2002: EarthLink dishes out blow to spammers
08/16/2002: DMA projects solid spending growth
08/16/2002: Google bumps Overture from Jeeves
08/16/2002: DoubleClick to shutter Asian media exposure
08/15/2002: ANA, 4As launch digital ad codes
08/15/2002: The trouble with email list rental
08/15/2002: Yahoo! firms up rich-media partnerships
08/14/2002: New AIM to serve as rich ad platform
08/14/2002: Yahoo! back in black
08/14/2002: Good media, bad creative
08/14/2002: Local newspapers experience visitor surge
08/14/2002: Thinking negative
08/14/2002: Privacy becomes a leading issue
08/14/2002: Mobile spam threat rises
08/14/2002: Most PVR users skip ads
08/14/2002: 24/7 Real Media lands financing
08/13/2002: comScore to beef up Media Metrix
08/13/2002: Online advertising grows up
08/13/2002: FTC cautions sites on paid listings
08/12/2002: DoubleClick + L90 = MaxWorldwide
08/12/2002: The rapacious tale of Website Results
08/12/2002: MSN to continue negotiations with Overture
08/12/2002: Considering the web's strengths
08/12/2002: Instant messaging marketing makes a splash
08/12/2002: EU gives thumbs-up to cookie tech
08/11/2002: Overture ups the tempo overseas
08/11/2002: Finally, publishers rise against Gator
08/11/2002: CMR sees web ad growth
08/11/2002: Online DM spending to rise
08/11/2002: Overdue for a brand tune-up?
08/11/2002: Absolut continues to innovate online
08/11/2002: BlueStreak on buying streak
08/11/2002: The future of interactive advertising
08/11/2002: IAB ads pitch medium
08/09/2002: CMGI Dis-Engages
08/09/2002: INT buys pieces of Jupiter
08/09/2002: Retailers once again top ad impression survey
08/09/2002: The new face of SEO
08/09/2002: Cloudmark to beat spam via P2P networking
08/07/2002: Bad news, good news.
08/07/2002: Evaluating one's net presence
08/07/2002: Publishing rivals to aggregate audiences
08/07/2002: Macromedia brings corporate 'blogging' to life
08/07/2002: Online brokerages boost ad spending
08/07/2002: DoubleClick enters analytics market
08/07/2002: Popups to remain king of the hill?
08/07/2002: British Airways revitalizes campaign
08/07/2002: Avoiding the spam net
08/06/2002: 24/7, settle dispute
08/06/2002: Lycos Europe to carry Overture listings
08/06/2002: ValueClick takes wraps off MOJO Publisher
08/06/2002: Net firms fish for subscription profits
07/30/2002: WebSideStory scores patent win
07/30/2002: Avenue A to improve campaign evaluation
07/30/2002: OPA sees signs of growth
07/30/2002: YesMail takes dangerous path
07/30/2002: CMRi grabs Evaliant
07/29/2002: UK adults prefer net ads over TV variants
07/29/2002: Preseason TV ad sales promising
07/29/2002: Yahoo to revamp homepage
07/29/2002: Taming the data jungle, again
07/29/2002: Email: Think before you send
07/29/2002: ReplayTV users fight for right to skip commercials
07/29/2002: Priceline strategy a success
07/29/2002: BMW returns to the bitstream
07/29/2002: comScore snaps up Media Metrix
07/29/2002: The net ad sea-change
07/20/2002: AOL shrugs off ad revenue doubts
07/19/2002: LookSmart attracts lawsuit over program changes
07/19/2002: Consumers prefer retail emails
07/19/2002: Building market share through creative branding
07/18/2002: Aprimo lands $12 million round
07/18/2002: Intel promotes self through large B2B campaign
07/18/2002: Unicast, Bluestreak unite on interstitials
07/18/2002: IAB kicks off crucial new study
07/17/2002: NY Times debuts time-based format
07/17/2002: Unicast to keep Enliven alive
07/17/2002: Engage upgrades ad server tech
07/17/2002: Research...or eavesdropping?
07/17/2002: Overture signs Yahoo. Will Google keep its spot?
07/17/2002: Manic Monday
07/17/2002: Rich stick-men promote Best Buy
07/16/2002: TV execs look to pitch products within programs
07/16/2002: Travelocity invests heavily in new campaign
07/16/2002: Seduction strategies for affiliate managers
07/16/2002: Newspapers turn to web for revenue
07/16/2002: Engage faces delisting
07/16/2002: Slammed by spam
07/14/2002: LookSmart, AltaVista reshuffle marketing spots
07/14/2002: Orbitz pursues gay market in PlanetOut deal
07/14/2002: IAB: Ad sales drop 7.5% in Q4, 2001
07/14/2002: Hooking up with youth via SMS
07/14/2002: Bell-n-whistles vs relevance in online marketing
07/14/2002: DoubleClick privacy settlement OKed
07/14/2002: FTC to broaden spam-busting campaign
07/14/2002: e-Dialog allies with TMX
07/14/2002: CMGI bids for Engage
07/13/2002: Net radio rejoices as CARP ruling rejected
07/10/2002: Cruising for what marketers want from vendors
07/10/2002: lands funding in tough environment
07/09/2002: UK online ad revenues climb in 2001
07/09/2002: Samsung to brand big online
07/09/2002: Spam, saturation threats to email marketing
07/09/2002: Experian to track across media
07/09/2002: Creative design - who's holds sway?
07/02/2002: Marketing with instant messaging
07/02/2002: NetRatings, IMS team for reach and frequency planning
07/02/2002: Keeping an eye on performance
07/02/2002: Sony to embrace web games
07/02/2002: Signs of a recovery
07/02/2002: DoubleClick unveils MediaVisor
07/02/2002: Text, HTML or rich-media - which is right for email?
07/02/2002: User satisfaction key to viral growth
07/02/2002: eBay imposes performance conditions on AOL
07/01/2002: Marketers choose quality over quantity
07/01/2002: Questions for EyeWonder's John Vincent
07/01/2002: Trials and tribulations of launching an online branding push
06/30/2002: L90 restates results after internal investigation
06/30/2002: DoubleClick settlement challenged
06/02/2002: Evolving from banner management to search marketing
06/02/2002: EmailCash finds loyalty pays
06/02/2002: Get more intimate with email
06/02/2002: Ford returns to rich-media
06/02/2002: NetRatings, Jupiter settle differences
06/01/2002: Taming the data jungle
06/01/2002: LookSmart boadens InfoSpace relationship
06/01/2002: Bluestreak buys email marketer
06/01/2002: Popup campaign from hell
06/01/2002: Rapp-ing about online advertising
06/01/2002: Unicast buys Enliven
06/01/2002: NetRatings buys @plan
06/01/2002: Remain vigilant when buying emails
06/01/2002: Naviant buys email unit from 24/7 Real Media
06/01/2002: Email marketing to stay strong
05/31/2002: Traditional advertisers are rich-media fans
05/31/2002: 24/7 Real Media tastes success in Europe
05/31/2002: You've got Google!
05/31/2002: Online ad groups revise terms and conditions
05/31/2002: Online ad rebound led by...classifieds?
05/30/2002: Marketers hold misconceptions about web problems
05/30/2002: Rich-media player looks ahead
05/30/2002: Will our industry self-destruct?
05/30/2002: DoubleClick signs analytics technology deal
05/30/2002: Net radio players to protest fees
05/30/2002: Using incentives to drive sales
05/29/2002: US markets growing online
05/29/2002: Aggressive marketers shoot self own feet
05/29/2002: Naviant boosts rich-media offerings
05/29/2002: Overture, FindWhat score on earnings
05/29/2002: Online ad woes plague AOL
05/29/2002: Local advertisers uninformed about web
05/29/2002: Venturing beyond the banner
05/28/2002: Overture signs major ISP
05/27/2002: Guess who's growing up
05/27/2002: iTV firms boost ad offerings for VOD
05/27/2002: European legislators rethink cookie stance
05/27/2002: Serving Europe's online ad market 24/7
05/27/2002: Nailing the teaser
05/27/2002: WPP merges SEO firms
05/27/2002: Banners brand
05/26/2002: Marketers: Don't tread on me
05/26/2002: Advertising with manners
05/26/2002: Email marketing in Canada
05/26/2002: Most online direct marketers profitable
05/25/2002: Oak deploys acorns
05/25/2002: Paid content's advertising debate
05/25/2002: Web helps TV ad recall
05/25/2002: DoubleClick's mixed fortunes
05/25/2002: 24/7 espouses value of site-side profiling
05/25/2002: LookSmart goes PPC
05/25/2002: DMA finds email effective
05/24/2002: Web ads work for CPG, says study
05/23/2002: OpenTV launches iTV ad server
05/23/2002: Nike markets online soccer game
05/23/2002: NetRatings buys AdRelevance
05/23/2002: Yahoo! - direct marketer?
05/23/2002: Overture to sound on HP desktops
05/23/2002: AOL tests hyperactive advertising
05/23/2002: TravelAdvisor taking to the skies
05/23/2002: Testing landing pages
05/23/2002: Overture sues Google
05/22/2002: ABCi to begin wireless site audits
05/22/2002: Selling brands, not impressions
05/22/2002: LookSmart hooks up with Yahoo! Australia
05/22/2002: AOL spam case settled
05/22/2002: Will websites remain free?
05/22/2002: Intrusive advertising taken to next level
05/22/2002: Bigfoot goes vertical
05/20/2002: Naviant sweeps up
05/20/2002: Yahoo! exercises dubious 'opt-out' practice
05/20/2002: Bertelsmann reconsiders Lycos ad contract
05/20/2002: Asia seen as next hot spot
05/20/2002: Snowball's future cloudy at best
05/20/2002: DoubleClick to settle privacy suits
05/14/2002: Q1: The start of something good?
05/14/2002: Sponsorships - taking a second look
05/14/2002: Increasing email click rates
05/14/2002: 24/7 Real Media Deploys Trade Campaign
05/14/2002: Got $6 Million?
04/05/2002: Pros and cons of online ads
04/05/2002: UK ad market rose in 2001
04/05/2002: FreeForm ads to takeover monitors
04/05/2002: Overture's firm stance
04/05/2002: Valuing more than just clicks
04/05/2002: Web ad industry seen the worst?
04/04/2002: Chiefs choose net
04/04/2002: Webbies set to entice greater ad spending
04/04/2002: Email to hurt offline direct marketers
04/04/2002: Software companies shift to web advertising
04/04/2002: Wireless tech player pushes convergence
04/03/2002: Getting personal with web branding
04/03/2002: Tracking via channels, not URLs
04/03/2002: DoubleClick rebrands new AdServer
04/03/2002: Consideration required in mobile marketing
04/03/2002: Wireless ad group pushes privacy
03/29/2002: Effectiveness of search keyword buys investigated
03/29/2002: Tech marketers focus on short-sighted buys
03/29/2002: Users unwilling to pay for content online
03/25/2002: Volvo revisits interactive media
03/25/2002: Popups: Good, bad or ugly?
03/25/2002: Yahoo hollers to Hollywood
03/24/2002: Aussie publishers seek increased agency attention
03/24/2002: iTV: To be, or not to be
03/24/2002: Legislation could squeeze casino ad market
03/24/2002: LookSmart to buy WiseNut
03/21/2002: DoubleClick farewells email list business
03/21/2002: Adtegrity's potent Brew
03/21/2002: The evolution of net ad standards
03/21/2002: eUniverse/L90 merger plans cancelled
03/21/2002: ValueClick and Be Free to merge
03/21/2002: CMRi: Web ad spending down 14.7%
03/21/2002: 24/7 pulls out of LatAm markets...again
03/19/2002: Large ad sizes gaining ground
03/18/2002: Bringing the offline on
03/18/2002: Last-minute email campaign strategies
03/18/2002: branches into Scandanavia
03/18/2002: Flash upgrade gives advertisers greater flexibility
03/18/2002: Jupiter offers reach and frequency tools
03/18/2002: Gator's reversal of fortune
03/18/2002: Online ad pricing - present and future
03/18/2002: Engage to face music
03/17/2002: Sony, diamond e-tailer reach out through entertaining offerings
03/17/2002: UGO takes aggressive advertising to its limits
03/17/2002: Newspaper revenues to suffer at hands of net classifieds
03/16/2002: Branding a small web business
03/16/2002: Gauging email response rates
03/16/2002: Usurping agencies: Good long-term thinking?
03/16/2002: The state of internet radio advertising
03/16/2002: DoubleClick releases improved email management system
03/16/2002: Streetwise mobile marketing
03/15/2002: Overture to play in Germany
03/05/2002: Email marketing: HTML or text?
03/05/2002: ValueClick posts loss, promises Mediaplex benefits
03/05/2002: AT&T moves intriguing TV campaign to web
03/04/2002: Establishing an emotional connection
03/04/2002: Jupiter to count impressions, reach
03/04/2002: Weighing up CPM vs CPC
03/03/2002: Google enters PPC fray
03/03/2002: Popups: Love them or loath them?
03/02/2002: In defense of intrusive online ads
03/02/2002: Lipton Brisk puppets to appear online
03/02/2002: Internal divisions delay online branding efforts
03/02/2002: iTV innovations show promise
03/02/2002: Rich-media success in B2B field
03/02/2002: PPC search engines continue to outperform
03/02/2002: DoubleClick snares Bertelsmann deal
03/01/2002: That's advertainment!
03/01/2002: Palm to push new product solely via online buys
03/01/2002: Long-running CK email campaign concludes
02/28/2002: Wireless ad players unite
02/28/2002: iVillage to buy
02/28/2002: CPA: Testing and managing risk
02/28/2002: iTV advertising makes quiet debut
02/28/2002: Managing an efficient PPCSE buy
02/28/2002: Digital Impact debuts ASP product
02/26/2002: NextCard halts online marketing efforts
02/25/2002: Online critical in cross-media buys
02/24/2002: 'Surround Sessions' a success, says NYTD
02/24/2002: Ad tech players in bitter legal battle
02/24/2002: Google extends AdWords reach
02/24/2002: DoubleClick rebrands media buying tool
02/24/2002: Web ad sellers lobby for increased spending
02/23/2002: Seeking reality in online ad revenue reports
02/23/2002: Boosting banner click-thru rates
02/20/2002: Weatherbug launches uniique ad product
02/20/2002: 24/7 to spin-off broadband division
02/20/2002: Japanese giants form broadband ad group
02/20/2002: Privacy groups tackle growing spam threat
02/20/2002: Is bigger better on the web?
02/19/2002: I/PRO finds advertisers not sold on web
02/19/2002: Media giant AOL-TW struggles amid ad recession
02/19/2002: Superbowl gels with web in branding efforts
02/19/2002: Consumers unlikely to resist mobile marketing
02/05/2002: I-Marketing Alive and Kicking in 2002
02/05/2002: Unicast unveils enhanced product
02/05/2002: More web ad firms beat earnings estimates
02/05/2002: MAPS, email marketers lock horns
02/04/2002: L90 under the spotlight
01/28/2002: Offline giants snap up web space
01/28/2002: A lesson in grabbing attention through fun!
01/28/2002: FindWhat challenges Overture patent
01/28/2002: Future of SMS marketing cloudy
01/28/2002: Mapping the internet
01/27/2002: Unicast begins competitive crack-down
01/27/2002: E-Advertising spending to outperform market
01/20/2002: Zedo to deliver unsold inventory for free
01/20/2002: Relationship building key to successful media exchanges
01/20/2002: DoubleClick to serve direct marketers
01/20/2002: DoubleClick beats street estimates
01/20/2002: Changes due for web media agencies
01/19/2002: IAB reveals ad impression guidelines
01/19/2002: Media agency makes upfront deal with Yahoo!
01/19/2002: Affiliate marketing tips
01/19/2002: Branding entertainment
01/19/2002: Finding the web's prime time
01/19/2002: iTV to gain foothold in 2002, but ad revenues to remain dormant
01/19/2002: eUniverse to Buy L90
01/19/2002: International wireless ad groups join forces
01/19/2002: Appeal of profile-based targeting wanes
01/19/2002: Greetings! Aloha!


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